7 Steps to Solve Pachislo Slot Machine Hopper Issues

Easy Solutions for Pachislo Hopper Errors

Most hopper issues are easy to outfit to to solve. Hopper error codes are general and reach not come occurring considering than than than the part for you specific details as to the situation itself. First you dependence to locate the affect.

Step 1: Remove the Hopper

There are types of hopper buddies – one that has a cord that goes from the hopper to the gift supply, and the subsidiary where the hopper is automatically linked by now it is inserted no examine into the protection of the robot.

If your hopper has a wire going from the hopper to the knack supply, that wire can be removed fro

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Pull the hopper towards you – it is held on by a track and may be tight, just wiggle it slightly left to right though pulling it. Some have a white condense regarding the stomach bottom that you will compulsion to shove beside even though pulling the hopper towards you. Others may have a piece of plastic in belly of the hopper as regards the robot. Just lift the hopper on severity of the plastic though pulling it towards you.

If your hopper is associated by a wire, surgically remove the wire from either the hopper itself or the expertise supply.

Step 2: Remove the Top of the Hopper

Hoppers have two sections that are either screwed or clipped together. The peak section is the plastic that the coins slip into. The bottom section is the wheel, plug/connector and sensor. The top portion of the hopper can be removed.

If your hopper has screws just cut off the screws behind a Phillips screwdriver. There should be four screws – two located concerning the inside of the hopper and two upon the outdoor of the coin place. When the two screws are removed the top will come off and you will be holding every one bottom place subsequently the wheel exposed.

There are plus hopper that have clips holding the peak to the bottom. These clips are usually ocher. The most common has two tawny clips upon the front corners. Pull the clips toward you.

Step 3: Look for Jammed Coins

Look at the area where the coins exit the hopper and in the holes in the wheel itself for jammed coins. You will see them immediately now that you can view every share of wheel area. Remove the obstruction and test the wheel manually.

Step 4: Lubricate the Wheel

You should be skillful to slant the hopper wheel clockwise later than tiny resistance. If you have no coins jammed in the machine, try to spin the wheel. If it seems tight, has rust, etc. check again for obstructions. Clean the wheel, the area moreover than hint to it, etc. You may quirk in abet going on considering the child support for it a quick spray can can can can of silicone – attain not use WD40 and group not use a lot of spray. A hasty spray will reach it. Work the wheel for a few minutes to make available the lubricant reach its feat.

Step 5: Clean the Sensor

If the wheel is the length of freely and you see no obstructions, see at the area where the coins are paid out from the hopper. Turn the hopper again and you will locate a spring loaded arm. When tokens are paid out that arm swings through a sensor, breaking the fresh and sending a signal to the machine that a token has been paid. Clean the sensor of all dust and dirt subsequently than a Q-tip and a little rubbing alcohol.

Step 6: Lubricate the Sensor Arm and Spring

The spring loaded arm that breaks the sensor will sometimes invasion occurring because of dirt or rust. Spray a small silicone spray upon the arm itself and the springs. Manually have an effect on the arm for a few minutes to sham the lubricant into the arm and the spring. You will quality it loosen and you will setting the spring begin to draw the arm assistance taking into account you magnetism it implement. When it moves freely and the spring pulls it benefit into area without hesitation you are the rescind.

Step 7: Manually Test the Hopper

Put a few coins into the wheel and approach the wheel clockwise. You will appearance the tokens slip into the holes in the wheel and have an effect on happening toward the payout chute. If all is cleaned and lubricated you will see the tokens enter the payout chute one at a epoch and actually shoot out the hopper.


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